Speak To Inspire Bootcamp

WE were ALL born to do EXTRAORDINARY things BUT... 

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    Fear of judgement, self- doubt, crippling nerves...
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    You don't know what to talk about
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    You are not sure how to share your message or whether anyone will listen to you
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    You might feel disconnected from your truth and not sure where to start

Hi, I'm Kat Krasilnikoff.

And I have been in your shoes. 

I strongly believed that you were born to accomplish EXTRAORDINARY things
And I know it scares the crap out of you.
But you have a HUGE desire to inspire people and
There are people out there
who need YOU to lead them
who need to hear your story
who are waiting for you to find YOUR VOICE
who will be inspired by YOU

If this sounds like you...
I challenge you to be that light for others
for just 5 days and see what happens

And I will hold your hand and guide you every step of the way through this challenge

So you can stop hiding behind your computer screen,

turn up your volume, be heard and make an impact

in a very noisy social media world

Learning how to find your voice and use it to inspire others will not only set you free and enjoy being authentic self but will also let you tap into the Art Of Enrollment

Mastering the
Art of Enrollment
is NOT about getting what you want from others...

Instead, when you genuinely care and seek to understand,

people choose YOU.

They naturally want to listen and work with you, because you've engage them.

You formed trust and connection

This challenge is for you if...

You find yourself having NO PROBLEM sharing other people’s quotes or posts but feel paralyzed when it comes to sharing YOUR OWN truth 

  • “What if they find out that I’m worthless?”
  • “What if they find out that I’m a fraud?”
  • “That I’m not making any money?”
  • “That I feel like crap most of the days and don’t want to share MY TRUTH?”

You power is in YOUR VOICE and in your TRUTH.

People don’t want to see another post about your pills or shakes...

They want to know your TRUTH

Because when you give them a part of YOU, 
they can see themselves in your story, 
they can relate to you.

And that ATTRACTS people to you and


Are you ready to attract MORE people to your mission?

Here is what you will get with this
Speak To inspire Bootcamp

5 simple daily video instructions on what to do each day so you can inspire and attract more people to your mission 

Easy to implement homework in a form of a checklist for each day of the bootcamp

Lifetime access to private Facebook group so you can share your progress and ask questions and have support


10 video titles that make people watch your videos and read your posts 

Second bonus

10 questions to ask your audience to create authentic engagement

Daily reminder messages to keep you on tract and taking action

After you complete this bootcamp you will 

  • Find the key to real transformation, so you can inspire more people by being your authentic self
  • Learn how to conquer the fear of speaking up
    And deliver your message to those who need to hear it
  • Discover what kind of speaker you already are.
    And what you need to do to get to the next level to be able to transform lives and lead your own tribe

Here is what others who have joined this bootcamp say

“I loved how  this bootcamp made me think deeper ”

“And then see other people, how  everyone comes up with something different.

My day 2 video got 500 views!

Now I need to bring live views to the bank, LOL"

Lauren shaver

“I've learned I can speak in public and be myself and be a little emotional"

“Thanks, Kat, for offering this. it was a great learning experience and I'm grateful for it.

It seems my FB friend requests went up like crazy after doing this speak to inspire challenge...like from 3 a day to 120 in 3 days! 


Lisa Powell

“I feel like I unwrapped a gift!"

“And saw what potential I have inside of ME. And I learned a lot from other speakers. I feel like my mind has opened up more and think YES it can be done.

I also felt part of a team that wants more from life"

Veronica reyes

I've really enjoyed the bootcamp!"

“It helped me to think and find my creativity. I'm so glad I found you, my friend.

I'm learning more about myself and  getting comfortable speaking in front of people."

Alicia Holland

Discover Your Voice, Speak With Confidence And Attract And Inspire Your Tribe

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and transform the way you communicate and deliver you message even if you are shy, scared and have low self confidence.

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Kat Krasilnikoff

Creator of Speak To Inspire Bootcamp

When you follow this short and simple bootcamp, you will learn how to speak your truth,

be empowered by it and

how to inspire others to think differently, to get up and move,

to make a difference and to take action.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

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