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Kat KrasilnikoffHi, my name is Kat Krasilnikoff and I want to share my story with you.

I moved to the United States 17 years ago right after I graduated from college. I met my husband here and we started a family right away.

We got good paying jobs, bought our first house in a good school district and life could not have been any better on the outside.

In reality, my husband worked 10-12 hours every day in the automotive manufacturing industry. We got to see him only for a brief hour at the dinner table on a daily basis.

I had to start my day at 4 a.m. working for the postal service.Kat Krasilnikoff

By the time I picked up 3 kids from school, made dinner, was done with house chores, and drove kids around for afterschool activities, all I wanted in life was to hit the pillow and not think about the next day.

Although we were very grateful for the way our lives turned out, we were exhausted.

I dreamed of having my own business but had no idea what it would look like.

I just wanted to be my own boss, have more family time and be able to take the kids on vacation anytime we wanted before they grew up.

Kat Krasilnikoff's Bedding BusinessEventually, I started my own sewing business, designing and making baby crib bedding sets. And I loved it in the beginning. I had generated extra cash flow, tons of happy customers and a lot of referrals.

It seemed like that was the way to get out of the 9-5 grind.

At some point, I had so many orders, that I could not keep up with demand. It wasn’t fun anymore, it became a job that was taking even more time and producing less money than my day job.

I was torn realizing that my business was not the answer to our family’s needs.

That’s when network marketing came to my life.

I wasn’t too crazy about the industry in the beginning. I didn’t want to become one of those sales people that everyone tried to avoid.

But I loved the products so much!

It helped me to get rid of several major health issues for good and even to lose some weight. I could not shut up about how good I felt with my coworkers, neighbors, and friends. And my glowing, happy energy was contagious.

I had 4 orders on paper before I even joined the business.

That’s how network marketing found me.

But I didn’t take it seriously until I advanced to a leadership position and was making a nice residual check every month.

That’s when I realized that if I took it more seriously, I could be free from my boss, retire my husband and have that time freedom that we all want.

I began to host home parties at my house every week, scheduling 3-way calls with my upline, connecting with old friends, trying to make new ones.

I was on fire, I got through that list of 100 friends in no time.

I built a small team and had a lot of customers.

It was a lot of fun (again only on the outside).

Something was missing again, my family was seeing less and less of me. I was always gone, either physically or emotionally.

I thought that if I worked hard now, sacrificed that time with my family, we could have a better future later. And a lot of people would agree with me on that…

But my turning point was when my husband finally said to me while I was packing samples into my carry on bag when we were getting ready to go on our anniversary trip to St. Lucia: “I need a wife, not an ATM machine.”

And I’m very grateful for his words.

They made me think about the present time that was slipping away, bedtime stories that my kids will never remember because I was not there to read them.

I realized that I could not keep building my business the same way any longer.

I had to find a way to bring the right people to me and on my time, so I wouldn’t have to chase people who are not interested, sacrificing the most precious thing that we all have – time.

And honestly, I didn’t believe that such a way existed. I was ready to throw in the towel and walk away.

But you might know that if you ask the universe, it delivers.

Sometimes not in the way we expect it though LOL.

One day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across a post with a title “How to build a massive network marketing business without putting your kids on a chopping block.”

It was the answer to my prayers.

That post opened the doors for me to learn about Attraction Marketing, how to generate endless leads, customers and new recruits on automation without leaving your home.

I had nothing to lose and I jumped all in.

Honestly, I did not believe it would work, but I was fascinated by the idea and I was willing to try.

9 days after I started implementing what I learned from the Attraction Marketing Formula Ignition program, my first lead reached out to me asking for more information about my business, and 2 weeks later I had my first automated sale.

4 months later I was on the leaderboard in my company.

Since then I never looked back. I knew I had something special ahead of me to learn and master.

And once again I had to share it with the world.

So, if you reading my story and seeing yourself in my shoes, there is a reason for that.

If you’ve tried everything that your upline told you to do, but you can’t even get your business off the ground…

If you’re tired of chasing people who are basically wasting your time, then it’s time to ask yourself some questions:

  • How long is it enough for you to do things that don’t work anymore, although they might work for everyone else around you?
  • How much more time are you willing to waste that you’ll never get back?

I want you to know that you can change your life and your business around with one small decision and it’s your responsibility to make that change.

If I could do it, a scared immigrant girl who came to a foreign country with $200 in her pocket, barely speaking the language, not having a clue about social media or internet technologies, then anyone can.

And I’m here to help you along your journey.

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