Netwotk like a Pro

If you Don't want to be a prospector for life,

If you want to learn how to attract people rather than chase them and better yet - do it on autopilot...

This training is for you.

Some of this training was recorded for a live audience, when I did not have fancy video tools and skills yet.

I apologize for the quality of a few videos but the content is very valuable.

What I teach below is responsible for me quitting my job and building a global team... on autopilot

Below, you will find 8 video modules that will teach you how to grow your network, build like and trust and put your offer in front of them, using automated tools, aka funnels


 Module 1. Sales person VS influencer.

How to set up your fan page so it attracts your perfect prospects to you.

Module 2. How to set up your fan page, technical stuff

 Module 3. Your perfect prospect avatar

 Homework. Download and fill out your perfect prospect avatar worksheet from the link below

 Module 4. Audience insights

 Module 5. How to set up your likes campaign.

Module 6. How to create posts that convert strangers into customers and team members.

Module 7. Boosting your power post to get your perfect prospects engage with you!

Module 8. Putting the puzzle pieces of recruiting funnel together

Website and funnel building tools

1. Funnel and capture pages building website $297 or 3 x $107

2. Autoresponder

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You can be one simple funnel away from your dream life.


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