Done For Facebook group

If you want to build a Facebook community, your own tribe, you definitely need a Facebook group. Here is what a group can do for your business:

  • Build your your Own Community
  • Grow your influence and expertise  
  • Grow your network and build relationships with your followers
  • Establish you as a leader and a person of value 
  • Attract a lot of people to your mission and your business

Everybody has a group on Facebook, but most of the groups end up dead. You don't want another dead group. You want the group where people want to hang out, to engage, to ask questions, and tell all their friends about it. And I'm an expert in building and launching highly engaged groups. Did you catch the word launching? Yes, there is a strategy if you want people to knock on your group's door before you even open it and be crazy excited to get in. If you want a group like that, you're in the right place. 

Especially if you don't have the time or technical skills or patience to figure it out on your own and want someone else who is experienced in building and launching successful groups get it done for you...

What's included

  • Full Group set up, from the type of group to posting permissions and joining questions, we set it all up based on your needs and goals ($299 Value)
  • Group's cover photo, professionally designed and sized for both mobile and desktop view, aligned with your brand, your colors and your audience needs ($147 Value)
  • Group's welcome video script to keep your members engaged and feel welcome as they get in and so they know what to do next ($99 Value)
  • Learning units set up so your members can find and navigate content easily ($99 Value)
  • Extra coaching call to help you to understand how Facebook groups work and what you need to do after we are done with our job to keep your group active and engaging ($299 Value)
  • 3 social media posts written for you to promote and launch your group ($149 Value)

If you really want to become a leader and influencer in your niche, build a community of like minded people, lead that community with ease and joy, and convert them into buyers and new team members...then you definitely need an engaging and constantly growing Facebook group. And we are here to help you not only to set it up and launch but also coach you on how to sustain it and grow.

Get "done for you Facebook Group package" for only $499. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

What to expect

We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your Done For You Facebook Group. Once you complete check out, you will receive an email that confirms your purchase and another email with the link to schedule a call to discuss your group, its purpose and the rest of the building and launching process. Once we had the call you should expect your new group to be completed within 2 - 3 weeks depending on the extent of the set up work. It's our pleasure to be able to create your online community with you.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

P.S. Please make note that due to the nature of this service and the work involved, this is a non-refundable service. Once the order is placed, we have outgoing costs that we incur with setting up the project.

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Disclaimer: Done for you Facebook group does not guarantee automatic growth of your business or any income related results. Our work only provides professional set up, design and launch content