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How To Sign Up More People Into Your Business Without Chasing Prospects

There is a lot of buzz going on in network marketing industry about attraction marketing. But not that many people really know how it really works.

Network marketers have been doing belly to belly prospecting for years and recently, we started seeing some people being able to recruit hundreds of people in very short period of time without living their homes, all on the internet. 

And suddenly belly to belly prospecting is not fun anymore. Nobody wants to get out of the house, drive miles and miles to meetings, give presentations to unappreciative crowds, deal with no shows and face rejection.

Because apparently, there is a better way where you can grow your business without chasing prospects but instead have them chasing you, asking you about your business and wanting to join you or buy your products.

Sounds too good to be true, right? That's exactly what I though but...

I was determent  to find out how this magical attraction marketing worked because honestly, I was burnt out growing my business traditional way.

I was doing everything my upline told me to do from home parties to 3 way messenger calls and I still could not get my business off the ground.

And forget time freedom. I honestly forgot what it was.

So, I've invested in learning how attraction marketing worked and figuring out how it could help me grow my business from home, so I could actually have that time freedom.

If you'd like to know how attraction marketing can help you rapidly grow your network marketing business, completely obliterate rejection, and give you a completely unfair advantage when it comes to prospecting and recruiting?

Stay tuned if that sounds appealing, because that’s precisely what I’m going to share below.

But if you eager to start learning right now, fill the information bellow and I will instantly send you my free attraction marketing training that helped me to attract over 2000 prospects, sign up close to 70 people into my business shortly after I started implementing what I've learned from this training.

First, let me ask you this…

Have you ever seen already-popular and successful person join your network marketing company, and almost overnight had dozens—if not hundreds—of people join their organization?

These people seem to create “instant” success, right?

All they seem to do is make a few phone calls, send a text or two, and a bunch of people join their team—just like that!

This is a phenomenon in network marketing I like to call the “unfair advantage”

These “overnight success” stories might even be brand new to the network marketing industry, but I can promise you this…

These people were already successful or popular in their day-to-day life.

Perhaps they were a successful professional or upstanding citizen in their community, with a positive reputation.

These people already had a following of people who already knew, liked, and trusted them.

And here’s why this is so important…

People follow winners!

And that, believe it or not, is the basis of branding.

A brand is a following, a reputation, and results.

Now, depending on your background, you might not have had that kind of reputation or a huge network of connections when you started.

In fact, MOST of us, including me, don’t start out with an unfair advantage.

But imagine being able to create your own unfair advantage—even if you’re at zero right now!

It’s entirely possible.

And it’s all about leveraging attraction marketing.


Your unfair advantage comes from building your brand

It comes from investing in yourself so that you can continue growing your value.

And it also comes from investing in your followers and helping them grow.

I’m about to walk you through the 3 phases I lead my team members through  to help them create their own unfair advantage.

But before I do, here’s a little dose of reality

When most people hear me say "I can help you rapidly expand your network marketing business,” they’re thinking…

“Oh, she's going to show me how to attract more prospects and recruit new people right now, right now, right now.”

The mindset that response conveys is expecting something for nothing.

But here’s the thing…

Whenever people with an “unfair advantage” join anything, other people follow them

Because they’ve paid their dues.

They’ve invested in themselves and they’ve invested in others over time.

So, when they pull the trigger on a particular opportunity, there’s a constant flow of people joining their business because they still have those connections.

What if you can create that kind of following online?

The kind of following that means you never run out of prospects—ever again.

But you have to pay your dues first.

So what if it took me six months, twelve months, or even two years to create that kind of following...

 I've rebuilt my business much faster than I ever could by using traditional methods.

So without further adieu, let me share a roadmap for building a six-figure brand in 3 phases

First, let me make this clear: network marketing is one skill set and attraction marketing is another.

You need to respect both of these skill sets, and master them.

Knowing how to train people, build community, and develop leaders are network marketing skills.

The attraction marketing skill set involves learning leadership, and using technology, leverage, and innovation to make systems easier and more efficient.

The blending of these two skill sets is what makes attraction marketing so amazing.

But it’s a huge set of skills to master, especially if you’re just starting out.

So, how did you learn to ride a bike?

We don’t tell you to build your own recruiting or sales funnel right out of the gate.

That’s like taking you and your bike to the top of the hill and saying, “see you at the bottom!”

Instead, you start with training wheels.

We let you use posts and templates that already proven-to-attract cold prospects and convert them into your warm market an hot leads.

All you have to do is...

Focus on learning—and mastering—just one thing

And that one thing is driving traffic—getting the right eyeballs to see your posts—people who are already interested in what you have.

That way you’re developing the number one skillset in modern network marketing…

Using special social media posts (primarily on Facebook) to learn how to create a never-ending supply of prospects.

And once those prospects engage with you and become leads, you have their contact information.

You can reach out to them, you can e-mail them, and you can talk to them.

They gave you permission.

That puts you leaps and bounds ahead of most traditional network marketers.

If you want a sneak peek into my recruiting and sales funnel, I've recorded a short video that will walk you through behind the scenes of this unique process. Click here to get access.

Starting with this one critical skill, you start the process of rapidly building a following and your brand.

Then it’s time to move into Phase 2.

You can’t possibly expect to build a colossal brand in just a few weeks or months.

In Phase 1, you’ve started to build a following.

You’ve learned how to attract people to converse and interact with you.

You start to build your own list

And it's gonna expand way beyond your list of a 100 unsupportive friends to thousands of people who are already looking for your offers.

You start to provide your own value to others.

You send them emails, post videos, send links to your own website, and share whatever other content you create.

That helps you build relationships with people.

They get to know you. You develop a reputation.

The only thing left for you to do is to invest in your followers, so the value of that following grows.

Now, you’ll start following the 80/20 rule.

  • You’ll spend 80% of your time and energy delivering value
  • And you’ll spend 20% of your time recruiting

Once or twice a month, I hold an online presentation and invite people to check out what I'm doing, to see how they might be able to work with me.

At the end of the presentation, I invite them to apply to work with me.

Then I interview and select the people that I want to work with.

As my following grows, the number and quality of people coming through that application process increases.

That's how you get into “unfair advantage” territory.

Now you’re only talking to the serious leads – the ones who want to work with you

Phase 2 can take 6-12 months, sometimes 18 months to accomplish. But that is totally freaking awesome.

That's how you can attract people into your network marketing business.

But most important, you’re also creating an asset you can use as long as you want, consisting of…

  • Your following
  • Your own e-mail list
  • Your own unfair advantage through social media

As your brand grows, you enter the final phase.

You’ll know when you transition into this phase.

It happens when you discover your skills, your brand, and your results are growing so much that you start attracting influencers – the “whales.”

Industry leaders start seeing your content, and they start following you.

Ultimately, they will see the value of working with you and will reach out to connect.


Network marketing is a business built on timing.

If you’re attracting leaders, and something is “off” about their company’s financial health, management, or integrity – guess who they’ll join?

Because you’ve developed your own attraction marketing skillset, and have demonstrated results, value, and integrity, leaders will want to join you when it’s time for a change.

I’ve seen this happen many times. 

Here is my story.

Before I knew about attraction marketing I was in my company for almost 2 years and I came to the point where I was about to quit because...

I was spending a lot of time on dead prospects and facing no shows

Most friends and family did not support me, and those who did already quit by then.

My customers stopped renewing their orders, and I had no people left to talk to about my business

I was spending more money than I was making

My kids didn't see me much and I felt guilty missing out on most important things in life.

After a year of implementing  the strategies taught in this free training I've built a following over 5000 people who like me and trust me.

I've built a list of over 2000 subscribers who love buying my products.

I've signed up over 70 people into my business and built a global team.

The best part is...

You’ll can learn and grow at your own pace

It is not a race.

So now you know a bit about how Attraction Marketing works, and why it is by far the best way to build not only a network marketing business, but ANY business.

So if you're nor thrilled by the idea of being a prospector for life and seriously thinking to explore attraction marketing, then I highly recommend you sign up for my FREE Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

It’s a video course where I with a help from my mentor will walk you through the process of building your business using the latest technology—where prospects come to you on a daily basis—interested in what you’ve got!

You can take advantage of these methods starting today—no matter how small your business is currently.

This is, by far, the most efficient (and fun!) way to build your business today.

In fact, I’ll share exactly how I grew a business which today, passively generates 10-20 leads per day, 3–5 customers per day, and onboard 7–10 new serious business builders each month.

These methods continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in network marketing.

So if you’re ready to get started…

Sign up for my free training here

And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!


Kat krasilnikoff.