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How To Turn Your Social Media Profile Into New Recruits And Sales Generator

A lot of network marketers are using social media to grow their business but most are still struggling with finding new prospects and generating sales. 

So did I.

I did everything my upline told me to do from regularly posting about my products on my profile to messaging old friends, relatives and random strangers hoping to get them interested in my business.

But in return I had people ask me to stop flooding their newsfeed with my salesy stuff. And I had friends and coworkers unfriend and unfollow me for exact same reasons.

So, I basically turned my profile into people repelling machine without knowing what I was doing wrong and how to change it.

If you one of those people who ran out of options on how to effectively reach out to your market and make them fall in love with your products and services - you are in luck because I’m about to give you a simple 5 step formula to transform your social media profile into prospects and customers attracting machine.

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Let’s get started.

The key to be successful on social media is to learn how to stand out from the crowd of distributers who are selling the same thing as you are and still be authentic self. 

Facebook and social media are constantly changing and we have to learn how to adapt.

For example, posts like check out my super eyelash cream or my fabulous wight loss shakes don’t work anymore. 

Facebook is filled with salesy posts and it’s on its mission to clean up the newsfeed to provide better user experience for it’s customers, like me and you.

You can even get put into Facebook jail for posts like this although you could get away with it just a few months ago.

Imagine watching your favorite TV show when it constantly gets interrupted by commercials. 

Feels pretty annoying, right?  And we don’t even think twice to switch the channel.

That’s how people feel when they keep seeing salesy, commercial like posts in their news feed. 

They just keep scrolling and with time their brain becomes immune to your posts, regardless what they are about. 

Eventually Facebook stops showing your posts to people who don’t engage with you on regular basis. 

So most likely, the only people who are seeing your posts are those who already in your company.

Here is how you can change all that and turn your personal profile into money making and recruiting machine.

Consider your personal profile as your business office.

Your image and cover photo is your chance to make that first impression.

If I look at your profile, will I see a sales pitch after sales pitch or a passionate person who inspires other to live life to the fullest?

Products don't attract people, people attract people.

You have to appear to your prospects as someone you wold like to follow yourself.

But if all they gonna see on your profile is salesy posts about your company and products, they gonna run away.

People always think what’s in here for them before accepting any offer. 

And even if they are interested in your products, they won’t buy them from you, because they don’t know you, like you and trust you YET.

And here you will learn how to gain their trust too

So, keep reading.

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If people don't know you well enough most likely, they will google your products and buy somewhere else, may be even from their next door neighbor who happens to be selling the same thing as you are.

So step one is to clean up your profile and make sure that any person checking it out is not gonna figure out what you’re selling and what company you are with.

People want get to know you and see if they can benefit from connecting with you. They don't want to be sold or prospected as soon as they take their first step in getting to know you.

They get the same feeling when you just get your foot into any store, and a sales person rushes over to you and asks if you need any help.

Although, all they want is to be helpful to you, but all you want is to be left along.

To help people to get to know you, make sure you have a nice photo of YOU, not your kids, your parents, flowers or animals but YOU.

Start sharing educational, inspirational and valuable content for your potential prospects, instead of commercial like posts

so they actually become interested in YOU and what you do.

Chances are there are hundreds if not thousands of distributors in the exact same company as you, trying to sell the exact same products and opportunity as you. 

So why would someone choose to buy from you vs. them?

The reason is YOU!

YOU are what makes your business unique and people are going join your business and buy your products because of YOU.

Besides, you don’t own the company you’re just a representative and it’s a revenue stream for your business.

So, how do you brand yourself?

Ask yourself a question: “What do I want to be known as? A girl who sells stuff on Facebook or someone who helps people solve their problems and change lives?"

Based on your answer, start posting content on your profile that will show your prospects who you really are or who you want to be perceived as.

See, most network marketers are focusing so much on selling and recruiting, that they forget about the most important skill of network marketing - NETWORKING. 

And by networking I don’t mean prospecting while catching up with your friends and family.

In order for you and your business to grow, you need to be constantly growing  your network by adding people to your personal page outside of your friends list without trying to recruit or to sell them anything. 

Instead, find out who they are, what their pains and dreams are and how you can help them.

Be a human first and  network marketer second.

If you keep growing your friends list by attracting highly qualified prospects, you will never run out of people to talk to about your business.

Here is how you can do it

Engage with your people on a simple human level by using a simple formula called FORM.

F - is for family. Ask about their spouses or kids, where they are from, what they do.

O- is for occupation, ask what they do for living, what their plans for retirement, or if they are stuck in crappy corporate job, or she is a stay home mom who not sure how to help her husband to pay the bills.

R- is for recreation. Find out where those fabulous pictures posted on their profile were taken, ask if they go their every year or may be they can’t afford to do it that often.

See where I’m going with all these questions?

Your goal is to get to their...

M - motivation or pain.

What keeps them awake at night, what their dreams are, what inspires them, what their passion is.

You don’t have to go through all the letters if you can expose their motivation faster.

And when they finally open up, you complement them, elevate them and tell them how good they would be at doing what you do.

By now, you are their friend, somebody they like and trust. This way they will be more wiling to look at your products or business opportunity.

Most marketers come to Facebook and go right to promote. But social media is about presence and interaction. 

People come here to connect, share, entertain or be entertained. 

Facebook wants its users to contribute value, connect with people and create “meaningful social interaction”.

Your Facebook Profile and Timeline should tell your story.

Think of your timeline as a television show. Are you only showing commercials? 

If so, people will stop tuning in by unfollowing your posts, blocking and/or unfriending you.

In one of my my private groups I teach what kinds posts you should post to create engagement, start conversations and build relationships. 

That’s what network marketing is truly about.

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When you master these  skills plus learn how to spot those who are of entrepreneurial mind set, or those who could potentially benefit from your products, then attract them to your personal profile so they can get to know you better as a human not as a sales person... 

That's the key and you will fall in love with your business again.

Because you will never run out of people to talk to and  they will be chasing you and asking you how they can do what you do.

Spend time building relationships and harvest your efforts at a later date...

Long term VISION, not short term DESPERATION.

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To your success.