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How To Convert Strangers Into Team Members Using Social Media

If you're regularly posting about your products and business on social media but don't get a ton of engagement, you're in luck. I'm here to show you how to stand out from the crowd, turn your profile from a ghost town into a block party and get more prospects asking for more info about your business.

It's very hard for me to watch how MOST network marketers are sabotaging their businesses on social media without even knowing it by just doing what they have been taught.

So pay close attention because I'm about to break down for you which strategies are a complete waste of time and what you should do to change that.

The truth is what worked 5 years ago to bring massive success to others in your company doesn't work anymore.

But they are still teaching the same "Go for NO" or "Just talk to more people" approach, that is actually driving people away.

You probably already started suspecting it and wondering if there is a better way.

The good news is THERE IS, but for now I want to share with you

5 Strategies Your Upline Swears By That Dragging Your Business Down

  • Regularly posting about your products and company on your timeline, hoping that someone will click on it but seeing little or NO engagement
  • Messaging everyone on your friend list including people you haven't spoke in years just for a chance to pitch them your opportunity
  • Friending random people on social media and sending them generic copy and paste message to see if they are open to look at your business and getting NO positive responses
  • check
    Interacting with people in groups and other people's pages with hidden agenda to prospect them but get prospected instead. Classic, LOL!
  • check
    Constantly sharing your opportunity without being asked. Been there, done it. Thank God I don't ever have to do it again.

If you were nodding your head or saying done that, then you are probably ready for a more effective way to build your business. 

As you can see there is a very fine line between prospecting and spamming people.

Although, I've learned it the hard way. It doesn't mean that online prospecting doesn't work. I know a lot of people who have mastered this skill and are very successful in connecting with people, building report and then closing them. 

But as a busy mom of 3 plus being very introverted, I got quickly burned out and lost in endless process of reaching out to people and making fake friends, hoping that one day they will be interested in what I'm doing.

I absolutely didn't have time and desire to drown in the small talk and spend 24/7 in Facebook messenger. I knew there should have been something better than this.

If you don't have a lot of time either, then keep reading. I promise it will get more exciting.

But if you're eager to learn how I went from nobody to a top producer in my company and quit my day job in less than 11 months, I would love to share.

No, I did not work harder, I figured out how to get people excited about what I do without ever mentioning my company, or doing all the crazy things that we were talking about above. 

Fill the information below and I will send you my strategy. You will love it.

When I Stopped Prospecting And Chasing People, My Business Started Growing

Weird, right? At this point, you may be asking...

“Then how in the world did your business grow?”

The reason I was able to quit prospecting was because, with the help of some extraordinary mentors, I eventually discovered this online recruiting strategy, which brings those prospects to me…

Enabled me to recruit more people in 1 Day, than the most skilled recruiter in the world can do in 1 month. I was able to passively generate leads, customers and new reps – even when I was on vacation with my family in France, celebrating my retirement. 

No, it's NOT a magic button. It's a step by step process that MOST network marketers kinda know about but are very afraid to use because it's not what their upline is teaching them and they just not trained to think outside the box.

But you probably know by now that "the box" is very crowded and if you don't get out, you gonna be crushed. So don't wait till everyone will be doing it 5 years from now.

Get it now.

Rather than spending hours spamming or private messaging people on social media, I learned how to legitimately get Facebook to actually help me attract the people who are most interested in what I have to offer, using their not widely known to regular marketers but a very amazing tool called "audience insight".

It's like getting a giant list of people who need your stuff and have already been looking for it.

 You know that Facebook knows everything about everyone and and it lets me and you tap into their insights.

How cool is that?

That's how my post ended up in your newsfeed and not my neighbor Betty's.

Because Betty is happy with where she is in life and cares less about my amazing opportunity. 

But you might be sick and tired of making ends meet and want to change that.

That's why you're looking for better ways of growing your business, right?

So, that proves that my strategy is more effective than keep messaging Betty and asking her to check out my stuff.

The best part about it...

This is a passive strategy, which works even when you are not.

And if you did not grab it yet   you are missing out, big time.

How to “ATTRACT’ Online Instead of Selling:

Network Marketing. The key word in there is: MARKETING!

It’s not called ‘copy and paste 25 messages to strangers trying to convince them into your business,' one by one or ‘post on social media with your bright colored products fifteen times a day and wait for them to buy something’ marketing.

Oh, and I like what they call it now - "It's not selling , it's sharing"

I remember it like yesterday...

That my sharing felt more and more like a sales pitch even when all I wanted was to help people.

If you hate constantly hunting people for the chance to “share” your opportunity like I did.

If you hate the hidden agenda

If you hate “everyone is your prospect” approach

And you think that there's got to be a better way

Yep, you got it right! There IS!

Just because I can't put the whole attraction strategy in one blog post, I recorded 5 short videos

that you can access from here and learn how you can stop repelling and start attracting.

I stopped chasing and “sharing”
(Although it was a great learning experience)

I learned how to attract and influence people the way that is aligned with


When you LOVE the process...When you enjoy the journey

It never feels like an agenda

it feels like a MISSION

Now, it's your turn to learn how to use social media to actually

attract the right people who are most interested in what you have to offer.

So if you are still wondering what 'Attraction Marketing' is all about I want you to imagine this for a second... 

You wake up in the morning to your email, and you smile from ear to ear because you see commissions, new leads, and people applying to join your team. 

This didn't happen over night or by accident. It happened because you followed a proven step by step system to attract people to you online that is repeatable and duplicable. 

This is 'Attraction Marketing'. 

Now, you might be thinking. "This sounds too good to be true".  I totally get it, trust me.

When this method was first introduced to me I thought the same thing. 

But I was SOOO ready to try something new, because spamming my news feed with product posts and messaging strangers was getting really old, plus it wasn't producing the results I was looking for.  

So, if you're ready to build your business online with a proven strategy then sign up for my free 5 day online recruiting series

If you learn how to attract people, you will never have to sell.


Talk soon!