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How To Automate Your Network Marketing Business So You Can Have More Time Freedom

If you are in network marketing, I bet you're familiar with the term “TIME FREEDOM".

It could be the reason why you joined this industry. It sure was one of my reasons.

I was so tired waking up 4:00 a.m. every morning to go to a job that was not fulfilling. I believed that my life meant more than just going to work, making someone else’s dreams come true and barely paying the bills.

I knew I could do so much more... If I just had “time freedom”. So I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted with whoever I wanted and also got paid doing that. 

And network marketing seemed like the perfect opportunity to accomplish that. But here is the catch...

I realized I had to work my butt off to achieve that. Leave my kids with a sitter almost every night to go to meetings, send them out with their dad or grand parents on weekends so I could host home parties. And instead of taking family vacations, I was going to company conferences...

So one day I could have my time freedom. Sounds familiar? 

The sad part is that nobody ever tells us that it’s gonna suck really bad, that you never gonna have time to do anything for yourself or your family for the first 5 years in network marketing if you want to be successful.   

And eventually you gonna hate it, because that's NOT what you've signed up for. 

You signed up for “time freedom” but it came with a giant price tag - time with your family.

As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons most people quit network marketing because it sucks more time and energy out of our lives and we will never get back. 

And for most people time is the most precious asset. 

So should we all just quit and keep our day jobs, so we can have at least 4 weeks of paid vacations per year?

Absolutely NOT.

Keep reading to learn how to automate your network marketing business and how to let Facebook and other platforms to do all the heavy lifting for you, such as:

  • looking for prospects and potential customers 
  • creating connections and building relationships 
  • following up with your prospects while you are at your day job, or after school activities with your kids or even asleep

But if you're eager to get started right now, fill the information below and I will send you training that allowed me to generate over 1850 leads, sign up over 60 new people into my business and got to me to the leader board in my company, all from my computer or phone without chasing friends or strangers.

When I learned how to automate my business, I got my life back. It became fun again talking to prospects and closing sales. Because I did not have to chase people any more, they were coming to me. And here is exactly how I did it and how you can do it too.

I’m gonna give you 4 most valuable tips on how you can automate your business and it can change your life forever because it certainly changed mine.

1. Automate posting about your business on social media

A lot of network marketers use their social media personal profiles to grow their network, connect with people and promote their product and that works for a lot of people. 

But you can’t automate or preschedule your posts on personal profile.

That’s why I use a business page where I can use post scheduling function and get my posts delivered to my network every day like a clock while I’m doing whatever I’m doing LOL. You can plan as far ahead as you want.

I did not understand the power of it until I actually did it.

I finally did not have to constantly think what to post or miss a day or two because I was out of town or on vacation. The posts automatically showed up in my followers' news feed, who shared and commented. Product was sold, commissions were made and I did not have to lift a finger thinking what to post next.  

I devote 30 min per week, usually on Sundays, and schedule all my posts for the entire week. They are still engaging, valuable and educating and doing it allows me to have time to do other cool things, like writing blog posts, doing FB lives, interview other marketers and just have fun.

2. Automate your lead generation process 

I remember how frustrated I was when I ran out of people to talk about my business. Not knowing where my next recruit or sale would come from, I turned to social media and began to look for my next superstar.

You probably know yourself how time consuming it is to hunt for those potential prospects, send them friend requests, go through days and days of small talk about their kids, dogs, hair, nails or whatever and as soon as I drop my opportunity question on them, I would never hear from them again.

It was so frustrating. And I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong and  how some people get it all so easy but not me. I wished someone would just tell me the secret….

Well, here it is. It’s not about finding the right people, it’s about them finding you.

After I automated my lead generation process, I started having 10-20 prospects contacting  me daily and asking me about my business opportunity. This process is called a funnel. It's an online system that sifts and sorts and qualifies prospects into your business so you don't have to deal with dead leads anymore...

It's completely automated so you can spend more time with your kids or spouse.

If you want a break down on how you can set up your own online recruiting funnel, I put together with help from my mentor a Free training that will teach you this life changing process step by step. You can get access to this training right here.

3.Automate your selling process

Now that you’re familiar with a term funnel, it will be easier for me to explain how sales funnels work.

Basically, it’s a one page website that is very easy to set up, that can capture your potential customer's information, such as their name and email address so you can establish a relationship and provide value for them in the future.

Did you notice how I mentioned relationships and value and not sales and commissions?

Although this sales funnel makes me money on the spot because some people are instant buyers. May be because they already were looking for my products and my post appeared in front of them at the perfect time or may be they’re just impulsive buyers, I don’t know. 

But most people won’t buy on the spot, they need time to get to know you, like you and trust you. That’s why you need their contact information so you can continue building and nurture that relationship through emails or messaging until they will be ready to buy. 

Although sales funnels intended for making automated sales, I’m not after sales at all. I’m after growing my list of potential customers and building relationships  with them. When I stopped chasing prospects with dollar signs on my forehead and started focusing on getting to know people and give them value about their potential problems and pains, my business really took off.

And you probably heard it before that network marketing is not about selling or recruiting, it’s about connecting with people and building relationships. 

Sales funnels not only make money, it also provides endless supply of highly interested prospects, which is worth to me more than any money can buy.

4. Automate your follow up process

I used to HATE following up with my prospects. I felt like I was bugging people after they already said NO to me several times.

And I would eventually leave them alone hoping they will contact me when they are ready. And It never happened either.

After I learned how to follow up with value rather than with another sales pitch, I stopped feeling shy or annoying sending them another email. 

I knew they were looking forward to opening my emails, because they were not gonna find another sales pitch in there. They would find something education, entertaining and valuable with a smooth reminder about my products.

And when you have a list of thousands of people.... Every day is the right time to buy for someone without you being pushy or spammy.

And it can be done using autoresponder and automation where by clicking send button one time, you can reach thousands of people at once. So you don't have to message to everybody one by one.

Since I've learned how to automate my network marketing business I've attracted close to 2 thousand prospects into my business within few months. It's probably more people than I've ever spoken to face to face during my entire life.

If you want to get a sneak peak to my lead generation, recruiting and follow up process, click this link to check it out.

It might sound like a foreign language to you right now, and I get it. Sales funnels, recruiting funnels, website, automated follow up.... It might seem like a lot to learn but I’m gonna make it very easy on you.

I put together 10 day online recruiting course to help you understand and implement the whole process, step by step without overwhelm and struggle.

And if you can’t wait to start and ready to jump right in, there will be a special bonus offer that you can grab and start attracting prospects and customers today.

To your success.

Kat Krasilnikoff

Kat Krasilnikoff