3 reasons they don’t buy your products and how to change that – Kat Krasilnikoff's coaching

3 reasons they don’t buy your products and how to change that

If you keep posting how amazing your products are on social media and get nothing in return...

And I mean nada, no likes, no comments, and no sales, except from people who are already in your team or your loyal sister.

I know how frustrating it is, when you genuinely want to help people but they just don't hear you.

In this post I will share with you 3 MAJOR REASONS why not that many people are engaging with your business posts and how to change that around so you can attract MORE customers and MORE teammates to your business.

But if you're eager to learn not just how to make more sales but to build a team online,

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Now, just a quick warning!

What you gonna read below might seem like a slap in the face and it's gonna hurt, LOL!

But if you take this lesson seriously and take action, it might change your business, like it changed mine.

So, let's get started!

Reason #1.

They don't buy your products because they are already using one similar to yours and are happy about it.

 They don't care about your magic ingredients, before and after images, or science behind your products. They are absolutely happy with a Walmart version of it. And you not gonna convince them otherwise.

So, they just keep scrolling , may be yawning and rolling their eyes, thinking

"Here she is again, trying to sell me some expensive stuff"

Or worse - blocking you or even unfriending. Ouch!

If you handled reason #1 with grace and didn't throw your phone into the wall till now...

Reason #2 should be a breeze 

They don't think that they need to fix anything

They are absolutely happy with their weight, protein intake, their skin, their wrinkles, blood sugar levels or what not...

They think they got it under control and they don't want to change anything, including trying your free sample.

I actually want to be like those people when I grow up, happy with what I have and embracing it.

Are you ready for reason # 3? 

Don't worry, it's the last time you will feel like I'm slapping your face because I'm about to tell you how to change that.

Reason #3.

They have already tried your product and it did not work.

The results were too small or the price was too high, so they lost their enthusiasm, patience and trust.

So, when you keep posting how amazing your products are and thinking that you are doing Attraction Marketing...

You unawarely doing repelling marketing 

Because 95% of people that follow you on social media, fall under 3 categories described above.

But that's not the worst part.

Are you ready to be really slapped in the face again?

Remember, I've warned you, LOL!

The remaining 5% who actually WANT and NEED your products already hit Google, E-bay and Amazon search buttons...

Leaving you with no likes, no comments and no sales.

If you want to stop doing repelling marketing because it's not fun and it doesn't help you to grow your business...

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In this strategy I share 5 simple steps on how I went from nobody, with no name, no network, a shy immigrant girl, to a top producer in my company and quit my 9-5 job. 

Now, are you ready for the big secret to be revealed?

I promise, your upline will never tell you this, unless I'm your upline, LOL.

And I'm sharing this with you because I know how it feels to do everything you supposed to do for your business and not getting anywhere.

I've been on the Suckville side, and I'm very grateful that someone shared with me what I'm about to share with you.

❌ It’s NOT your amazing products that’s gonna attract new business partners to you

❌ it’s NOT a ground breaking opportunity that’s gonna do the MAGIC

❌ it’s NOT the amount of selfies you gonna post on your timeline

✅ It's YOU and how you brand yourself...

✅ It's how you stand out in the noisy social media world where everyone is trying to sell something or even the same thing as you are.

✅ It's how you inspire people to think differently and take action rather than trying to convince them or tell them what they need. 

Did I get you thinking and nodding your head?

Don't worry, I'm not gonna leave you hanging here after I slapped you in the face 3 times.

I'm gonna show you how to fix it.

So keep scrolling, because the days your profile looked like a ghost town are about to be over.

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1. Stop posting about your products 

And start posting about your mission. Identify what it is, why you're doing what you doing and post MORE about that. People love joining missions - not sales businesses.

2. Stop talking to everyone in your posts

I get it that everyone has skin or gut and needs to hear your information, but when you're trying to approach everyone - you sound like an infomercial that people want to skip, scroll over, mute, switch the channel. And you're probably witnessing the results of it on your profile. Otherwise why would you be still reading this.

Learn how to talk to just one person, even if it's an imaginary person for now, but she or he does exist in the real world and they are waiting to find you while you're too busy running your infomercial.

3. Talk more about your prospect's feelings and emotions

Rather than your product's features or ingredients or even other people's before and afters.

You still remember those feelings, don't you?

You remember how it felt to have acne at age 40, or not being able to find your jeans size at the store, or to swim with your t-shirt on. 

Yeah, these kind of feelings I'm talking about.

The ones that take you back to that dark alley.

People are emotional buyers. So, don't be afraid to take them on emotional ride.

But make sure to show them hope and the way out.

4. Learn how to create curiosity

And never ever ever share on your profile what company you're with and what products you're selling

If you want people to come to you, don't give them all the goods upfront.

They will hit google and do their own research and you know how that goes.

You will never see them again and you will never know that they were once interested.

Create posts that make them scratch their heads and think 

"I wonder what she is talking about, I need to find out more!"

5. Don't tell people what they need to do or to have

Instead - inspire them with your courage, with your story, with your willingness to help.

You know that people hate to be sold and they can feel it a mile away.

But they love to buy.

If this post was a bit of help to you to understand how attraction marketing really works, and what to post on your timeline to attract more people to what you do...

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To your success,

Former PhD in repelling marketing.