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My passion is to empower Network Marketers and home-based entrepreneurs with social media hacks and strategies to turn strangers into customers and team members without chasing friends and family, small talk or being fake social.

I help my clients learn how to create connections and build relationships with their ideal prospects, people they love working with. Because in online world relationship is the reason for transaction.

My mission is to help you become a leader and an influencer in your profession by building your online presence, self confidence and personal brand. 

Get my 3 proven strategies to build your business bigger, working less hours and enjoying the journey as you go

Done for you services

Done for you fan page

You obviously know that you need a Facebook Business Page… And that’s exactly why my team and I created The Done For You Fan Page. We build and design your Facebook Business Page so you can be confident that your Brand and Business is set up to win on Social Media. Without a Facebook Business page you’re leaving a TON of opportunity on the table…. so let’s help you capitalize off that!

Done for you facebook group

If you really want to become an influencer, grow your following and lead your tribe, you probably know that you need a Facebook group. But you don't need another dead group, you need the group that everyone talks about and want to be a part of, right? Well, let me tell you a secret, I've created more than a dozen rapidly growing highly engaging groups in the past 12 months. And 1 group alone helped me to rank advance 4 times last year. Click learn more button below to find out how we can help you to create and launch your own group.

Done for you Lead magnet

Ditch your dead list of a hundred friends and start growing a list of highly qualified prospects with a help of a lead magnet. It's one of the marketing tools that will help you to grow your network and build influence. Lead magnet is an informative article that you can offer to your audience in a form of PDF or an ebook for free in exchange for their contact information, so you can provide value, build relationships and promote your offers to that list of people. It's a lot more effective and more fun offering your products to people who like you and trust you and need your products, rather than convincing friends who are just not into it. Lead magnet will help you get your business to the next level, especially if your warm market is exhausted.

social media audit

If you've been regularly posting on social media about your products and services, but not seeing enough traction and engagement...It might be a sign that you're using outdated strategies that used to work 3-5 years ago but now, actually, repel your perfect prospects. Let an experienced marketer specializing in attraction marketing check out your social media channels and give you an unbiased opinion on weather your profile, page or Facebook group has content that attracts or repels your buyers and give you a valuable advice on how to improve your reach, engagement and sales. 

One on one 1 hour coaching call with Kat

Wether you're stuck in your business or just need an opinion or advice on how to leverage your business, use automaton, brand yourself, social media presence and influence or anything else you need to ask, I'm here to help you to better understand social media strategies, evaluate your goals and help you to create an action plan to achieve them. 

Beginner coaching package 4 sessions for the price of 3

This package is perfect for someone who wants more detailed and customized coaching, so we can go deep into one subject  of expertise and explore different possibilities within a specific topic of your interest or cover more topics to help you to be more efficient in several areas of prospecting or marketing or both. There is no ONE approach fits all deal when it comes to one on one coaching. I will tailor each package to your specific needs and requests.

Post like a pro interactive course

Do you get low or NO engagement on your business related posts? You might be repelling your prospects without even knowing it. How about I teach you how to post on social media so your prospects not only like and share your posts but also message you for more information. It's time to stop repelling and start attracting more customers by gust changing how you post on social media.

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